Are you interested in becoming a Premier Partner?

We can work with you and your clients to devise a plan that works to suit your needs. Here are 2 of our programs that have been the most successful for us.

Turn-Key Partner

For those who need a stress-free and time sensitive option then the turn key model is for you. You simply refer your client to us and we'll take it from there. Time is precious, and business can be hectic, and we understand that you're better off doing what you do best and letting us do what we do best. Rest assured that we respect our partners and their client relations, and we'll never overstep our boundaries. Allure will schedule in-home consultations with your clients and walk them through each of the various window treatment products and options. We'll also measure and prepare a quote. The quote can then be issued directly to the client, or if you would like to oversee it, then we can send it straight to you.

Wholesale Partner

This is a great model if you prefer to be more hands on. This model offers you the option to directly re-sell our products to your client. Perhaps, you are already savvy with window treatments and would like to deal with your own clients exclusively. In this case, take advantage of our suppliers, buying power, and discounts to help decrease your cost of goods. However, at your preference, we can still meet with either you or your client or both for consultations. Of course, we will prepare a quote for you, and we can also take care of the measurements and installation on an ala carte basis.